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Breathwork is a safe and powerful modality to support inquiry, growth and the development of your most heartful self. Access your inner wisdom with safe and compassionate guidance.


I am the author of 'Light Up the World - Inspiration for a New Humanity', a book about love and transformation, both personal and collective. I speak at events, writers' festivals, programs and workshops for all sorts of corporate, community and educational audiences.


Learn how to use breathing, yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices to flourish and restore your wellbeing. I work with individuals and groups to guide transformation through compassionate inquiry and the wisdom of earth-honouring traditions.


I’m a breathwork facilitator and a writer, a yoga and mindfulness teacher and a Reiki practitioner. In our work together we’ll draw on earth-honouring traditions to support your personal journey of inquiry, development and coming to wholeness. My own journey has taken me from the corporate world and some conditioned perspectives of life, its possibilities and the nature of existence to embracing the heart’s wisdom and deeper experience. It is the path of the inquiry and insight, and reveals deeper patterns and possibilities for us all. I’ve found wonderful support, teachers and experience by attending and, after much learning, facilitating retreats. These have included Breathwork, Yoga, Zen Buddhist practice, Ayurveda, Compassionate and Mindful Leadership, Nature Quests and more.

These great enduring wisdom traditions have much to offer for our times. They teach us beautiful, heartful ways of relating to ourselves and others to support calm, compassion and transformation while deepening our connection to ourselves and the natural world.

I explore personal and collective transformation and love in my book Light Up the World – Inspiration for a New Humanity. My heart and soul are in it. I’ve had some wonderfully touching and deeply human conversations about what it evokes, inspires and points to.

Whether working one to one or in groups, I love to share what I’ve learned to support others to find practical ways to grow and show up in the world as their most heartfelt and connected selves. We can learn more skilful ways of being and relating that are needed in our times. A space of compassion and understanding opens and helps to guide us back to wholeness on all levels. From there we can embrace and share our gifts, our interbeing, greater possibilities and our true nature. It is for everyone.

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I have had the privilege of having individual breathwork sessions, and group breathwork sessions with Mark for the past 6 months. Each time Mark holds a beautiful, safe, judgement free, nurturing space which allows whatever needs to come up, to come up. He feels like he is both a guide and an anchor. Keeping me grounded, but also navigating me through the hard to feel emotions that I often want to run away from. As a result of this work, I feel more at peace and joyful in my everyday life. I feel like I am become more of my authentic self and less of the triggers and anxieties that have hijacked me in the past. I have felt shifts in my confidence and the way I see myself and my loved ones. I am very grateful for the breathwork we have done together - individually and in a group, and I am excited to keep exploring. I highly recommend him.

Karlee Imogen

Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach & Reiki Master

What a beautiful collection of words, connecting straight to the heart. A book that you feel drawn to pick up and then put down for a moment to reflect inwards and let the words settle a little deeper.

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