I teach yoga and meditation as a heart-based mindful practice that connects us on all levels – movement, breath, heart and values. As foundational practices for both self-care and transformation, they show us how to care for our body and mind, to liberate our spirit and encourage the greater embodiment of who we truly are – love in action. Breathing, movement and meditation practices help to support everything from increased mindful awareness and the development of ‘felt sense’, through to deeper journeys of self-exploration and self-healing.

We can also learn to connect to our most authentic sense of self and to the natural world. As we generate kindness, peace and insight, we light up the world – inner and outer.

As we change ourselves and come to understanding and insight, we positively influence those around us and the communities of which we are a part – local and global.

I run programs on self-care (how to look after ourselves in body, mind and spirit), compassionate leadership, yoga and meditation for the modern world. These can be tailored to suit you and your audience depending on time and areas of need and interest. I draw on models of co-active coaching, compassionate inquiry, positive and transpersonal psychology, personal transformation and earth honouring wisdom traditions.

Programs include –

Foundations of Flourishing – From foundational skills, practices and insights to help you find your calm, ease and to better be with the whole spectrum of emotions and experiences of daily life, to tools of self-inquiry and reflection to help you flourish. This is an introductory course suitable for everyone and especially helpful for those setting out on the journey of life or those wanting to look more deeply and recalibrate to their true selves.

Breath, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness – How to take care of your mind and heart by drawing on models, practices and understandings from earth-honouring wisdom traditions including breath, yoga, buddhist practice and energy medicine. This course helps you to better understand yourself, your mind and cultivate both the embodiment and ethics of self-realisation.

Light Up the World – An immersive program to support you to access and express your truest and most heartful self – the version of you that is wise, kind, compassionate and generous and plays its full part in building a new humanity. It supports those who are willing to ask the deeper questions of themselves, to be with everything that is present in experience and create a more heartful expression of themselves in and for the world.