Breathwork is a safe, powerful tool and modality to support personal development, coming to wholeness and flourishing. It helps people to connect to their most resourceful and heartful selves. It can also reveal depths of the human experience that are beyond our regular perception and understanding. This can be beautiful, challenging and inspiring work.

It can also be a wonderful adjunct to other therapies to help you work through difficult experiences, allowing you to feel what needs to be felt and released from your body and to expand and renew the healthy capacity of your nervous system. Breathwork can help you reconnect to the biggest, most whole and heart-centred version of you – your Highest Self.

You will be held in a safe and compassionate space for whatever emerges, with guidance and support to help you access the deeper intelligence of your being which knows the way and what works best for you.

Until September I’m offering sessions for $120 – sessions last 2 hours. If you would like to book, you can do that here. If you have questions or would like to be added to my mailing list for group sessions or other events please email me.

    Breathwork can help you-

    • develop the most heartful expression of your being
    • support your personal development
    • deepen soul journeys and self-inquiry
    • process emotions and constructively be with emotional expression
    • learn to better navigate trauma responses in the body
    • build self-compassion
    • grow a sense of inner calm
    • increase self-awareness
    • enhance creativity and joy
    • boost immunity and physical capacity
    • improve relationships

    What can you expect in a breathwork session?

    Breathwork sessions usually last for about 1.5 to 2 hours. We begin with an initial conversation to see what is present and emerging for you. This helps to focus on what is most helpful for you to work through and you can also set an intention for the session. This generally takes about 20-30 minutes.

    When you are ready to start you will lay down on a mat on the floor and be made comfortable. You will be guided into your breath and then to a deep conscious, connected breathing pattern. Your journey will be supported by music which allows you to move deeper into your breath, your body and your experience.

    As your journey continues, you may find a range of emotions or experience coming up. I will encourage you to allow it and to breathe into it. In that space you can let it come, let it go, release, explore and know that it is all welcome. Every part of the human experience has its place, is valid and will be met with compassionate support. While I encourage you to let go into the journey however it unfolds, you are always in control of how deep you go.

    Presence, words and touch (if that feels safe and supportive for you) can all help. Every journey is different and you may find you have waves of similar feelings at different intensities. The breathwork will generally last 45 minutes to an hour, after which you will have some time for stillness and integration. At the end, you might like to share something of your experience, how you are feeling or explore what might be supportive for future sessions.

    While breathwork is a simple process, it can have powerful effects. Sessions most often end in a heartful space and with feelings of self-compassion, clarity, acceptance and gratitude. You will very likely land in a more real and beautiful expression of your true self, connected to the deepest part of your being and the wonders of life.