What do I offer?

I am a writer, speaker and teacher.


I am the author of Light Up the World - Inspiration for a New Humanity, a book about love and transformation, both personal and collective


I speak at events, writers' festivals, workshops and for all sorts of corporate, community and educational audiences


I teach yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices privately and publicly


Personal transformation, health and wellbeing, yoga, meditation and mindfulness coaching all grounded in compassionate inquiry

About Mark

Mark Simpson is an inspirational speaker and writer committed to raising personal and collective consciousness. He is also a yoga and meditation teacher who encourages transformation, healing and awareness. His work invites and supports individual and organisational growth and visionary leadership that is based on compassion, kindness, empowerment and inclusiveness.

He is the author of Light Up the World, a collection of poetry and prose to inspire new ways of being in ourselves and in the world. His book is full of wisdom and insight to support our awakening and live more deeply connected and empowered lives. Like Mark, Light Up the World encourages us all on the path of greater vision towards peace, compassion and loving service.

Mark brings a wealth of experience in teaching and supporting workshops and programs on yoga, personal development, wellbeing, health coaching and mindfulness. He has also participated in retreats in Yoga, Zen Buddhist practice, Ayurveda and Compassionate and Mindful Leadership.

Mark surfs, hikes, and plays guitar and piano.


Acclaim for Light Up the World - Inspiration for a New Humanity

Makita Gabriel

Founder of Soul Vida Fit

Light Up the World is a delicately woven narrative of life, love, loss and the redemptive power of the human spirit to realise its unlimited potential.

Karlee Imogen

Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach & Reiki Master

What a beautiful collection of words, connecting straight to the heart. A book that you feel drawn to pick up and then put down for a moment to reflect inwards and let the words settle a little deeper.


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